UFC 152 – Because Greg Jackson and Bones Went And Fucked Up UFC 151 Feat. Cruelty

Sup folks? It’s early Friday, my phone is broke, and I’m hungover as fuck. So fuck the formalities, you’ve been reading us long enough to know the drill, que no? I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, there’s fights this week, we pick the winners starting NOW.

Charlie Brenneman over Kyle Noke – Round 3 JD

So Charlie Brenneman is gonna try to wrestle. Spoiler Alert? He pretty much just wrestles so he’ll try to wrestle. Kyle Noke is a good submission grappler but I’m never sure if he’s a good wrestler. Is this his first fight at 170? That’s another wildcard. Brenneman has surpisingly good bjj and I don’t complain about his constant tries for top position because I like that he works to advance position as well. He’s sudden with his shots and defends submissions well. Unless Noke is a monster at this new weight class I think Brenneman should be able to survive Noke’s attacks from guard, and win via top position.

Charlie Brenneman over Kyle Noke – UD

Typical grappler vs. striker match up. I’d like to see if Brenneman’s stand up game has improved, but I doubt that he stands with Noke. Noke will get smothered on the cage walls, taken down, and grapplefucked.

Mitch Gagnon over Walel Watson – Round 3 JD

Walel is a decent striker, and I love that he’s called The Gazelle, but his takedown defense isn’t great and Gagnon is a powerful wrestler. Both guys have submission skills, so I’ll call that a stalemate and look at the wrestling aspect alone. Gagnon will be on top for most of this fight, and while he might tire and get into trouble in the third, I’ll pick him to win the first two and survive the third at least.

Walel Watson over Mitch Gagnon – TKO Rd 1

Walel is a scrappy cat, this fight could get fun quickly. Good idea putting the light guys on early, potential to get the crowd fired up with a fun fight, but keeping it off TV keeps people from switching over to college football. I think Walel catches Gagnon early and often, swarms him with strikes, and finishes in the 1st.

Seth Baczynski over Simeon Thoresen – Round 2 Submission (RNC)

Baczynski called Matt Brown a “super gnarly dude” so I would LOVE to pick against him here, but as much as I hate people who say gnarly I have an equally firm policy against picking Norwegians. JK who doesn’t love Norway? Anyway this is happening and I hate it: For the third fight in a row I’m going to pick the superior wrestler. Baczynski survived some real “gnarly” (heh) moments in his fight with Brown and still managed to force a mistake. Thoresen isn’t as dangerous striking or as veteran. After a round of back and forth, Bac will get on top, pound until Thoresen is forced to scramble and gives up his neck.

Seth Baczynski over Simeon Thoresen – TKO Rd 1

Love me some Seth Bac. His hands are sick, great fluidity in his combos. I’m wondering if Simeon can get this fight to the mat quickly, his sub game is really strong. I’m guessing no, he’s gonna run into a knee or straight punch while Simeon looks for a sloppy take down, and gets finished with some killshots on the mat.

Jim Hettes over Marcus Brimage – Round 1 TKO

I love what I saw from Hettes in his last fight and think of him as a legit prospect at the age of 24 coming out of Frankie Edgar’s camp. He uses a mix of wrestling and judo takedowns, and his gnp is scary accurate. Brimage likes to rush in to strike, and I think one of these rushes will end with a big throw and Brimage on his head. Hettes will finish quickly with punches on the ground.

Jim Hettes over Marcus Brimage – TKO Rd 2

Shit I’m torn on this fight. I think Brimage may be able to clip Hettes. Brimage problem is he getss taken down easily by great grapplers, and Hettes is a great grappler. This will probably be much like Hettes fight versus Phan, where he keeps Brimage on his back and pounds the shit outta him. Brimage is young, shit both of these guys are, and are only gonna get better.

Sean Pierson over Lance Benoist – Round 1 Submission (Guillotine)

Pierson is probably the best striker Benoist has ever faced, and Pierson is used to facing tough grapplers so this should be no adjustment for him at all. Pierson can really pile up damage if he gets his jab going, and I think Benoist will panic a little and take a sloppy shot. Pierson isn’t a great submission artist but he can grab a neck when someone gives it to him.

Sean Pierson over Lance Benoist – UD

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