UFC 149 Faber vs Barao: Do people buy short guy fights?

Sup folks, we’re back and giving you the old skool WRITTEN MATERIAL, because sometimes you deserve a podcast, sometimes you dont. We got a fun card, wiith a whacky main event, so rather then bitch about the lack of star power, and the fact that we just had the biggest PPV of the year TWO WEEKS AGO, LETS GO!! I’m italics, Cruelty isnt, do I still gotta explain that folks?

UFC 149

Anton Kuivanen over Mitch Clarke – Round 3 JD

Mitch Clarke is a generic working class wrestler and not UFC quality. Anton doesn’t look to have great takedown defense, and I know he has more submissions than KOs, but I think so poorly of Mitch that I figure Anton wins via sprawl n brawl. Anton moves OK and likes to let his hands go a little bit.

Anton Kuivanen over Mitch Clarke – UD

Curtain jerker gets a Canadian in Canada? Of course! Both guys got more then a handful of fights, and both have majority of their wins via sub, so I’m wondering if we’re gonna see a grapplefuck from the jumpoff. Guessing so, i’ll take the kid that trains with the better team.

Antonio Carvalho over Daniel Pineda – Round 3 JD

Antonio is one of those fighters who got his start too early and we have to ignore his age and recognize that we missed his prime. He reminds me a bit of Kenny Florian: soccer guy turned kickboxer and bjj player. His kickboxing is more karate-based but let’s not quibble over details, OK? Don’t be a dick. Pineda is a pretty dynamic bjj player himself so it’d be fun to see them roll a bit, but I think Antonio will keep it standing and win on points. He’s not in his prime but he’ll still look impressive at times.

Daniel Pineda over Antonio Carvalho – UD

I thought Carvalho was eHHMESSICAN, just found out he’s Canadian. Then spent 5 minutes with my mind blown. There has to be like 12 Mexicans in Canada right? Like born in Canada? Solid fight between two vets, I like the idea of both these guys standing and banging, and I give Pineda a slight edge in this department.

Bryan Caraway over Mitch Gagnon – Round 1 Submission (Triangle)

Wow the internet fucking hates Bryan Caraway. I thought they/it were a little more split on Ronda Rousey than they seem… she can be a bit cunty at times but I found it charming. Anyway, Bryan Caraway is not as talented as his girl Meisha, but Gagnon is as 1D as it gets in modern MMA. His striking is terrible and his grappling is nothing but slow, power-based wrestling. Caraway is the better striker and has good submissions, so that gives him more ways to win.

Bryan Caraway over Mitch Gagnon – UD

Poor Bryan Caraway, he’s been SONNED by Rousey the last 6 months, who whooped on his ole lady. You know it’s bad when he tries to defend himself and people say “Yeah but she’d probably whoop your ass bro.” He’s got a solid ground game, the guy he’s fighting has a solid ground game, so we may see another grapplefuck type fight. Caraway should be the better striker, and should stay busy enough to win this fight.

Ryan Jimmo over Anthony Perosh – Round 3 JD

Normally wrestler vs wrestler ends in a kickboxing match because both guys cancel out each other’s takedowns, and eventually give up. I don’t think the’s guys are going to give up, so this fight should be a boring slowdance against the cage wall. Jimmo is a slugger and he’ll do a better job mixing in punches.

Ryan Jimmo over Anthony Perrosh – TKO Rd 2

JIMMO FINALLY IN THE UFC BABY!! Jimmo is one of these cats who does’nt put everyone to sleep, but just keeps winning. He’s got some decent wins on his resume, I think he could shake shit up. Perrosh has been floating around, 4 fights in over 3 years means you aint that active, and are either injured a ton, or just aint looking for fights. I think Jimmo busts up Perrosh enough to get a doc’s stoppage.

Roland Delorme over Francisco Rivera – Round 3 JD

This is a classic striker vs grappler, so I’m picking the grappler. Rivera is fun to watch but he doesn’t have the counter-wrestling he needs to keep this fight where he wants it. Delorme is going to take him down, pound him, and attack Cisco’s neck in a scramble as Cisco tries to get back up.

Roland Delorme over Francisco Rivera – Sub Rd 1

Shit I really wanna go Rivera here. He’s a Cali guy who i’ve seen at TFC, but Delorme is really slick on the mat, and Rivera, not so much. I think Roland catches him early.

Nick Ring over Court McGee – Round 2 Submission (RNC)

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